Harand Camp Scholarship Fund
Harand Camp Scholarship Fund

Meeting Minutes

HCSF Meeting Minutes



Meeting Start: 7:20pm
Meeting Finish: 8:45pm

Fred Rosenwasser
Errol Pearlman
Fran Pearlman
Phyllis Lipman
Shannon Eddy (Call In)
Benjamin Eddy (Call In)
Samara Harand
Judy Mooney
Janice Gaffin

Also in Attendance:
Minna Rosenwasser


New Board Members

Called possible new recruits, only response was Yale

Menu For You Event (Minna)

Estimate ~$150/pp. Decided price was too high based on past events. Back burner for now.

Wine Tasting

Back on the table.

  • December 2nd or 11th
  • At Vinic
  • Musical entertainment: Gordie or Rob

Fashion Show

Phyllis organizing.

  • Kids & Adults
  • Prom/Camp Wear

Potential Dates:

  • Spring Break: March 23rd - April 3rd
  • 3rd Week of April

Potential Venues:

  • Catalyst Ranch
  • 210

Next Meeting

October 29th, 7:00pm
Hosted by the Rosenwasser

Meeting Agenda

  • Wine Event
  • Winter/Spring Events
  • Fashion Show Update
  • Selling Clothing at Reunion




Meeting Start: 7:15pm
Meeting Finish: 9:30pm

Fred Rosenwasser
Errol Pearlman
Fran Pearlman
Shannon Eddy
Benjamin Eddy
Samara Harand
Judy Mooney

Also in Attendance:
Minna Rosenwasser


Discussed successes, failures, and profitability of camp pageant/show merchandise.

HCSF will focus on exclusive Harand Camp merchandise and no longer produce Harand logo shirts in various colors.

  • Hats
  • Sweatshirts
  • Beach Towels
  • Etc.

Marketing & New Website

Presentation of new HCSF website and steps need to move URL from old site.

Contacts - Generating an up to date list of potential donors, utilizing the new website platform and MailChimp to procure donor information. In addition, creating a new email blast to drive past, present, and potential new donors to the new website in an effort to gather up-to-date contact information.

Shipping will be calculated through website. Priority flat rate boxes to be used (free).

Need the following information to consolidate HSCF fundraising accounts and website:

  • PayPal login
  • Gmail login

Scholarship Application form to be generated so applicants can fill out directly on website, with links to email/DropBox to upload necessary documentation.


Reviewed Give/Get process and potential abolishing of bylaw. Struck down. Focusing on fundraising events both in the suburbs and city proper.

New Board Members

Discussed members of the community to be reached out to in effort to grow the Board.

Utilize Facebook page to post positions that need to be filled and skillsets that the Board would like to utilize. Accountant, Lawyer, etc.


How to bring in donations:

  • Fashion Show
  • Amazon Smile: Shannon to set up and create email blast
  • Wine Tasting Event (Sandeep)
  • Bowling Event (Before Camp)

Potential events:

  • Menu For You (Hosted by Rosenwasser Family)
  • Candlelight Bowling (Pinstripes, 2018)
  • Singing Events (Hosted by Pearlman Family)
  • City Event: Karaoke (Sidetrack/Beer Bistro)
  • Baseball Night (April 2018)
  • Show Night (Drury Lane/Marriott)
  • Silent Auctions
  • Raffles

On the Horizon: 65th Anniversary Gala (2018/2019)

Next Meeting

October 8th, 7:00pm
Hosted by the Pearlmans

Meeting Agenda

  • Fall 2017 Event
  • Organize Winter/Fall Event
  • Fashion Show Event
  • Vote on Officers
  • New Member Recruitment
  • Reunion Clothing